Who we are

The idea of terrazza SantaChiara was born on a hot Sicilian day in September off the coast of Acitrezza, Federica and Giuseppe, thought it would be wonderful to be able to share all that beauty with the world.

Who we are

Nestled between the church of San Placido, The Cathedral of Catania and Palazzo Platnamone, in the beating and vibrant heart of the Sicilian city's movida, the B&B terrazza SantaChiara is housed in a historic 1900' building from which you can admire the dome of St. Agatha's Cathedral, the nave of the adjacent church of San Placido and you can always keep up to date on current exhibitions by glancing out from the balcony of the breakfast room and poking around what's happening at the palace of culture.

A perfect vacation

Its excellent location to visit the center, in a safe area, a young structure, with careful, accurate and design furniture that gives a unique experience within a comfortable context, the welcome in the most authentic spirit of Sicilian hospitality, make the B&B Terrazza SantaChiara the place you will love the most during your vacation.

Come and visit us, and see Catania in its most intimate and special aspects through the eyes and experience of those who, loving it deeply, want to show its heart. A heart made up of relationship skills and great generosity..